Video can transcend language and cultural barriers. It can showcase real human moments all across the globe, even the silly ones. Take the video of the talking twin babies. That video was shot in Brooklyn, and has been viewed more than 10M times in the US and 30M times outside the U.S. 5% of its views came from Brazil, another 5% from Russia. Turns out, 1 out of 100 people in the Philippines watched these two babies from New York. One of the great joys of a global platform is finding out that people from afar can relate, connect, and appreciate your videos.

You’ve been able to discover who is watching your videos and where they’re coming from for awhile now on YouTube, through Insight. Now we want to make it even easier to learn about your audience, so we’ve replaced Insight with YouTube Analytics. Analytics will be released to everyone on a modern browser over the course of the day.

Check out some of the latest features in Analytics:
  • A Quick Overview: A new overview provides all of the information that you care about quickly, while also enabling you to easily access more detailed information.
  • More Detailed Reports: Analytics now includes more detailed statistics so that you can have a more precise understanding of your content and audiences.
  • Audience Builders: Discover which videos are driving the most views and subscriptions.
  • Audience Retention: See how far viewers are watching through your video in the new audience retention report.
The Creator Playbook has also been updated to show you how to use your new Analytics to build and engage with bigger audiences, earn more money, and make better videos. 

In the meantime, visit the Help Center for more information on Analytics.

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On Tuesday, December 6th, the YouTube Partner Support team will be hosting a Partner meet-up in New York City. During the meet-up, we'll be live streaming the latest episode of Partner Support Talks with.... featuring a YouTube partner answering questions submitted by YouTube users like you!

In this episode, Partner Support Talks with... WhatTheBuckShow, we'll sit down with Michael Buckley to talk about how he's achieved success on YouTube. We'll also ask him YOUR questions, live, on the air.

Is there something you'd like to ask Michael Buckely about his YouTube history? Want his advice on best practices? You have until next Monday to submit your questions (and vote for others) here to be answered live:

Tune in to  at 6:30pm EST on December 6th to watch the show live! We'll also post the show on the YouTube  Partner Support  channel for those who can't attend in real time.

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Congratulations to Ev of evmoneyTV, the channel that received the most votes for the October On The Rise poll, and his channel will be featured on the YouTube homepage today.

Ev discovered YouTube in 2009 and started his channel with the goal of offering financial advice to viewers (hence the channel name). His initial videos didn’t exactly reel in the viewers, so Ev decided to cover the “how-to” of more basic tasks.  He’s stuck with stick figure drawings to illustrate his recommendations, which allows him to address a range of quotidian topics such as how to greet others properly, how to project confidence, and how to be sarcastic.

Here are a few words from November’s On The Rise star himself:

After trying and failing to feature financial advice videos, I decided to tackle life’s simpler problems.  It all started as a video response to jpmetz about people who can’t seem to work a debit card machine.  Armed with a cheap mic and MS Paint, I began to chronicle my encounters with stupidity – thus, my channel was born. I owe my success to Youtubers like jpmetz for my initial exposure, keeporjot for including me in charlieissocoollike’s likerchain, soundlyawake for heavily promoting me, whatthebuck for featuring me onstage for the live Buckfactor at Vidcon, rowlfwannabe for driving the #evsblowinup movement, alexcarpenter and tyleroakley for their last minute support in this competition, everyone who shared and tweeted my videos, and most of all, my viewers, who think drawing and voicing stick figures and putting them on the internet is a completely normal thing to do.

If you’ve enjoyed this monthly On The Rise blog series and want to see more rising YouTube partners, check out our On The Rise channel or look for our playlists on the browse page. Keep an eye out for next month’s blog post, as your channel may be the next one On The Rise!

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We want to make sure that YouTube continues to evolve as a place where you can be successful, and take your careers to the next level.  Today, we want to give you an update on two important topics that we know are important to your success on YouTube - Channels and Insights.

Latest Channels design
Your feedback has been super helpful as we’ve experimented with YouTube Channel designs via Cosmic Panda and other initiatives. We’ve listened to that feedback, and we’re ready to share the latest version of Channels with you. You can opt in and play around here.

The main changes you’ll notice are:
  • Customize Your Channel: You can promote your favorite content in the featured tab and choose a template that fits your content.  
  • Engage Your Audience: You’ll be able to publish content to your subscribers through the new Channels feed--even when you don’t have a new video to upload. Videos you “like” and “favorite” will also appear in the feed to keep your subscribers entertained.
  • Expand Your Presence: When viewers go to the watch page, some elements of your Channel follow them (e.g. some of your videos), helping you to maintain your presence across YouTube.

This page is your portal into and out of the latest Channels design, so have fun playing around! Once you opt in, changes you make and publish to your Channel will only be seen by others on YouTube who are opted in via this page, and people who are still opted in to the Cosmic Panda experiment. In a few weeks, we’ll be back in touch before we share this more widely, and let you know when to publish the new channel for everyone to see. This is your chance to get ahead of the game and get your channel looking fabulous.  

We have resources within the Help Center including a Channels Checklist and Guided Help to walk you through the new design, and as always, we’re always looking for feedback, so please share your thoughts with us.

New Analytics
A big part of your success is understanding your audience so that you can increase your subscribers and views, make better content, and make more money. We’ve put together the new YouTube Analytics (formerly YouTube Insight) to help you measure and achieve greater success.  

Analytics is now easier than ever to use, located right within your account, using a simpler design, and with more precise categories that help you compare more metrics to fully understand your audience, channel and monetization.  These changes will debut in the coming weeks--stay tuned for more information.  

We hope these are welcome bits of news, and we’ll be back with another update on both Channels and Insights in a couple of weeks.

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If you are a content creator looking to get more views for your videos, visit our Inside AdWords blog for more information on our latest developments with YouTube mobile ads. To learn more about YouTube mobile ads, go to

Posted by Nicky Crane, Product Manager, recently watched, "MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON, TWO."

Each month, we find four YouTube Partners whose subscriber numbers are growing but don’t yet have 100,000, for our monthly On The Rise program. We invite you to check out their channels and vote for your favorite in the top right corner of the Official YouTube Blog. The channel with the most votes at the end of the week will be featured on the YouTube homepage and videos page.

Our nominees this November are a creative bunch whose skills include painting, animation, music and fashion. You may be drawn into their channels for the recommendations they provide or simply for the chance to observe their talents. Take a look at the nominees’ videos below, and vote for your favorite by November 21 at 6pm PT. We’ll announce the partner selected on the YouTube blog on November 27.

Val is a painter - and one of the first original partners! - whose YouTube channel chronicles her artistic process with weekly art videos. Throughout the week, she posts additional reviews and reflections, and even gives away original paintings to her viewers.

Need guidance on how to watch a movie, cross the street, or be sarcastic? Ev’s channel  tackles some of life’s more complicated tasks, illustrating his recommendations with stick figure animations.

Hailing from Manchester, England, Matt Hutchison (also known by his musical alias, ortoPilot) has made a career out of singing, songwriting, and video production. He’s spent the last five years posting original songs as well as acoustic adaptations to his YouTube channel.

If you’re looking for advice about fashion or hair and beauty products, you might want to check out hairodynamic. Since 2009, style maven Monica has recorded her hauls, reviews, and tutorials for her loyal audience.

In past months, winners like theneedledrop and AlexanderCarpenter have seen growth in their audience and video engagement thanks to your support. If you’re interested in checking out more rising YouTube Partners, visit our On The Rise channel, which features nominees, trending partners and monthly blog winners.  Look for more featured partners on the YouTubeBrowse page.

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We started Honors back in the early days of YouTube, as a way to help you find which videos are loved by the community. As we continue to grow at a rapid rate, we want to make sure our features can be flexible enough to handle all of your great content.

So today we’re kicking off Medals, a new system to recognize the great videos and creators out there. We’re starting with Medals that recognize popular videos with the most engagement. These are the first wave of Medals we’re planning to announce, with each including a gold, silver and bronze version to show popularity order and here’s a breakdown:

All Time Most Popular Medal, for videos with the most all-time engagement

Recently Most Popular Medal, for videos with the most engagement this week

Trending Medal, for videos that have a big jump in engagement this week compared to last

To help you find the videos earning Medals, we’ve also updated a topics page that shows you all the videos earning the Medal.

We were so excited to get this program going, that a couple weeks ago you might’ve heard something about Goodies—that was an early name for the program that’s changed to Medals, and we’ve spent even more time since then to make it better.

We’re eager to get everyone involved with this new system, so you’ll see video Honors phased out over the next few weeks. As we’re getting started, we hope you’ll share your thoughts on the Partner Forum where we’ll have an active thread about Medals.

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Thinking of searching YouTube for a cooking recipe this holiday season? Want some videos to help you achieve that New Year’s fitness resolution? You’re in good company. Searches on YouTube for cooking recipes spike around the end of every year, and searches for fitness exercises spike just around the start of the new year.

We have partners who are doing amazing things with food and fitness, and to supercharge their careers, we created the YouTube Next Chef and the YouTube Next Trainer programs. We’d like to introduce you to the first class of partners who’ll be attending a 12-week course via Google+ Hangouts and receiving a $15,000 equipment and promotional package, all to help them share their passion for food or fitness on YouTube with you.

YouTube Next Chef
The partners of the YouTube Next Chef class include self-taught chefs, cookbook authors, former restaurant owners and more. Their culinary styles range from making a full meal with just one pot to vegan desserts to gourmet on a budget, and represent five countries around the world. These partners will be taught by the finest folks in culinary arts, including editors from, YouTube Partners like Rob Nixon, and industry experts like Lee Allison.

YouTube Next Trainer
If fitness is your goal, our YouTube Next Trainers are here to help. This international group can teach you exercises using city landscapes, fitness routines made for athletes, safe parkour training exercises, pilates made simple and more. Expect to see these partners get top tier training from our featured mentors Billy Blanks, YouTube Partners like DeStorm, and industry experts like Julie DelaBarre.

Stay tuned for weekly videos starting Nov 15 for YouTube Next Chef and Nov 23 for YouTube Next Trainer.

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Registration is now open for three YouTube Partner meet-ups on both coasts! The first is on December 6 in New York City; the second is on December 12 is Los Angeles; and the third is on January 17, 2012 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Details and registration forms are at these links:
NYC on 12/6:
LA on 12/12:
SF Bay Area on 1/17:

Space is limited, so please RSVP by November 7th, 2011. We'll be sending confirmation emails with details to those we can accommodate.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at Mention "YouTube Partner Meet-Up" in the form.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at the meet-ups!

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Editor’s note: On Friday we announced some new channels coming to YouTube, from faces you have seen on YouTube before and some you haven’t. Here’s how we kicked it off on the YouTube blog - we’ll let you know when the new channels launch. You can sign up here to be notified.

Wonderful things happen when cool technology meets great entertainment. Cable television expanded our viewing possibilities from just a handful of channels to hundreds, and brought us some of the most defining media experiences of the last few decades-- think MTV, ESPN and CNN. Today, the web is bringing us entertainment from an even wider range of talented producers, and many of the defining channels of the next generation are being born, and watched, on YouTube.

Today we’re announcing that even more talented creators and original entertainment will soon join YouTube’s existing channel lineup, including channels created by well-known personalities and content producers from the TV, film, music, news, and sports fields, as well as some of the most innovative up-and-coming media companies in the world and some of YouTube’s own existing partners. These channels will have something for everyone, whether you’re a mom, a comedy fan, a sports nut, a music lover or a pop-culture maven.

Our goal with this channels expansion, along with the grants and educational programs we’ve launched in the past year, is to bring an even broader range of entertainment to YouTube, giving you more reasons to keep coming back again and again. And for advertisers, these channels will represent a new way to engage and reach their global consumers.

The first of these new original channels will appear on YouTube starting next month and will continue over the next year. They’ll be available to you on any internet-connected device, anywhere in the world, with all the interactivity and social features of YouTube built right in.

Be the first to know when the original channels launch by signing up here. For a sneak peak, take a look here.

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