If you’re a frequent uploader, you’re probably used to jumping around YouTube to access the right tools and information you need to understand your channel’s performance and make changes to improve it. To help you more quickly access this data and more easily make channel optimizations, we’ve just launched the YouTube Creator Dashboard. Starting today, you can go to youtube.com/dashboard to check it out and get a quick snapshot of your channel’s recent performance.

With the Creator Dashboard, you’ll see recent uploads, recent comments on your videos, account notifications, high level stats, and announcements about new features. In the future, we hope to include additional information to help you better manage your channel. To that end, if you have ideas for how to improve the Dashboard, email us at db-feedback@youtube.com. And for more details on the Creator Dashboard, check out our Help Center.

Jung Kim, UX Designer. Recently Watched “Metallica - Orion Festival 2012.”