How do you turn your YouTube channel into a full-time gig? Starting this week, get the answers from our new video series, YouTube Pro. We’ve bringing together top YouTube creators to answer your burning questions on everything from crowdfunding and working with advertisers to finding a manager and running your own web series.

The last week of every month we’ll bring you a new video series touching these topics.

The first topic we’ll cover is “Working with Advertisers”. In these four videos, learn from Dane Boedigheimer, Spencer Griffin of College Humor, Kurt Hugo Schneider and Elle Walker about all aspects of effectively pitching and executing branded content deals. They give advice on pitching an idea, what to include in a contract, how to price a deal, as well as to stay true to your audience through the process.

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Bryan Carroll and Liz Hartnett, YouTube Next Lab, recently watched "Holy S*** I'm playing all the Parts