Congratulations to Kristina Werner, our featured “On The Rise” partner for June 2013. Her channel, starofmay, is featured today in the YouTube spotlight as well as our On The Rise homepage.

With a background in graphic design, Kristina has always had an eye for aesthetics. Her channel hosts over 500 videos dedicated to cardmaking and multimedia craft projects. Kristina’s videos contain eye-catching and easy-to-follow instructions as she teaches viewers the nuance in homemade card design. You can learn how to create a card using leftover ribbons and scraps or how different crafting tools and supplies compare. Love the idea of hand-crafted cards, but worried that your chicken scratch might make it turn out like a doctor’s prescription pad? Fear not - Kristina even has videos that will help make your handwriting worthy of the elegant cards you create. Learn more about Kristina’s channel and check out some of her other favorite videos below.

And here are some words from Kristina directly:
The very first video I posted on YouTube was a knot-tying video way back in October 2007, which was later re-uploaded with different audio. (Be nice!) Who knew where that would lead to six years later! To this day I think video is the best way to teach and share the cardmaking process, and YouTube has allowed me and thousands of other papercrafters the opportunity to share our love of cardmaking with people all over the world! We crafters are a friendly and creative bunch, and I'm so happy to share cardmaking with even more people. I want to thank each and every one of my subscribers for their support. You guys are awesome!

If you’ve enjoyed this monthly blog series and are interested in learning more or participating, we encourage you to visit our On The Rise homepage. You can check out all of our past featured partners on the Featured Partners tab, or nominate a YouTube partner to be considered for the program on the Nominate tab. Feel free to submit nominations for your own channel, or for channels you follow that you think deserve more attention or could be the next YouTube sensation. We’ll continue to feature promising partners who drive YouTube watch time, have fewer than 100,000 subscribers, and produce engaging content on a regular basis.

Christine Wang and Devon Storbeck, YouTube Partner Support, recently watched “Teen Speaks 20 Languages.”

Last October, you started being able to cross promote your videos and reinforce your channel branding from inside all of your channel’s videos. Called InVideo Programming, this feature is now being used by over a million channels, and is driving millions of hours of watch time.

Now, you’re getting a smaller screen on the smaller screen. InVideo Progamming is available on the latest YouTube iOS and Android apps, and will soon be on the YouTube mobile website, to help you get viewers to tune in to your next video. The best part ─ there’s nothing you need to do! The video you program from your desktop will work across both platforms.  

Call-to-Action overlays are also now displaying on the latest iOS and Android apps, and will soon appear on the mobile web site. You can use these overlays to share more information about the content of your video, raise interest in your channel, or your own web site. Call-to-Action overlays are currently only available to advertisers in AdWords for video, but we’re working on making them accessible to any channel later this year. You can learn more in our help center.

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Ten years ago we launched AdSense to help publishers earn money by placing relevant ads on their websites. I can still remember the excitement and anticipation as AdSense went live that first day. Our small team huddled together in a cramped conference room, and right away we saw that publishers were as excited about AdSense as we were.

Fast-forward ten years, and AdSense has become a core part of Google’s advertising business. The AdSense community has grown to include over two million publishers, and last year alone, publishers earned over $7 billion from AdSense. AdSense is a community that thrives because of all the content creators we are so fortunate to partner with. So whether you’re a publisher that's been with us for ten years or ten days -- thank you!

Your stories inspire us to do our part to make AdSense great. On this occasion, it’s especially inspiring to hear the stories of partners who have been with us since the very beginning.  Like a retiree in New Zealand who was able to pursue her dream of writing about her garden, a tech support expert in Colorado who can spend more time with his kids, and a a theme park reviewer who sends employees around the world to test and review rides -- all thanks to money earned from AdSense.

As part of our 10th anniversary celebration, we hope you’ll tune into our live Hangout on Air today at 10am PDT (5pm GMT) on the AdSense +page. I look forward to joining several of our partners to share stories from the early days of AdSense, talk about how we’ve all grown since then, and discuss the future for publishers and online advertising. And if you want even more 10th anniversary celebration, just visit our AdSense 10th anniversary page at any time.

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Each month, the YouTube Space LA holds a Creator Lab, where we invite creators in the same area to come and spend time in the Space. There, they learn from our master technicians and programmers, collaborate on videos together and get to try out new tools of the trade.

In June, the YouTube Space LA was host to the Beauty Lab, where we invited twelve beauty and fashion gurus to come and work in the Space.

We welcomed Evelinicutza, GlamLifeGuru, WendyTeresita, dazzlemehay, ANNEORSHINE, GlassSlipperbeauty, thatssociciyo, Lagunabeachlove10, DaniAustin2, ArikaSato, beautybitten, and fashionnewslive. Be sure to check out their channels and the playlist below to see what amazing work they’ve done.

To inspire our Beauty Lab this month, we built our own runway so that they could create fun new videos for their channels. Also, we joined forces with YouTube star Michelle Phan and her company Ipsy to bring together over thirty other beauty and fashion channels including our Lab, several industry influencers and brands for an exclusive networking event and cocktail reception.  

We also provided a two-day panel workshop resulting in a challenge for our Beauty Lab partners to collaborate with each other and come up with accessorized looks for Back-To-School videos. These will be available on HelloStyleChannel and annotated back to our creators’ channels.

And what about next month? Well it’s Geek Lab from June 17-July 20. If you are a self-described techie who likes special effects, animation, gaming, sci-fi, AND have a YouTube channel, then you’re a card-carrying Geek and we would love to have you can sign up here.

Jennifer Vaden Barth, YTSLA Operations Coordinator, recently watched Evelina for summer couture guidance.

If you haven’t already switched to the YouTube One Channel design, today you’ll see your channel in this new design to make it look great across all devices.

With the new One Channel design you can:
  • Gain more subscribers. Overall we’ve seen an increase in new subscribers for channels already using the new design.
  • Get more channel visits. Channels with the One Channel design have seen a significant increase in visits to their channel page because clicks from the guide always go directly to the channel.
  • Let your brand shine through in more places. With the One Channel design, you now have channel art visible on iOS & Android apps, mobile web and TV.

To get your channel looking it’s best:
  • Select your channel art. Choose an image that represents your channel. The image should be 2560 px by 1440 px for the best results on all devices. If you plan on designing something special, check out the specs here.
  • Upload a trailer. Introduce new viewers to all the awesomeness they’ll see from your videos, and encourage them to subscribe to your channel.
  • Create sections. Select which videos and playlists you want to showcase in the sections on your channel’s browse tab.
  • Link your channel with a Google+ page or profile. Keeping your branding up-to-date will be even easier because your channel art will represent you across YouTube, Google+, and all Google properties.

You’ll find lots more tips and tricks to set up your channel in the Creator Playbook and in our help center.

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In our monthly On The Rise program, we identify four partners whose channels drive significant YouTube watch time but haven’t yet reached the 100,000 subscriber mark. Your interest has helped us find four partners who are getting closer to that milestone. They’re already driving a lot of watch time for YouTube, and you can help them grow their channels and audiences even more. It’s June, which means school is out, but our nominees this month could each teach you something new: learn how to coat your car in plastic, how to make an original greeting card, what happens when you add water to a super-absorbent polymer, or when to use “a lot” versus “allot” (versus “lots!”).

Here’s where you come in - you actually have the chance to help push these partners even further on YouTube. Review their videos below, vote for your favorite here, and one of these candidates will have the opportunity to be featured across YouTube later this month. In addition to your votes, each channel will be evaluated on criteria such as viewer engagement and channel optimization techniques to decide which partner we’ll feature.

In past months, featured On The Rise partners like ManjulasKitchen and hauntedsunshinegirl have gained many subscribers and seen their careers take off, in large part due to your support. This month’s poll will be open until June 11, 5pm PT, so don’t forget to vote for your favorite channel. Check back to see which channel will be featured on June 28.

If you’ve ever considered modifying your car’s paint job, powder-coating it, or changing the look of your hubcaps, you might be interested in DipYourCarcom. The channel features all manner of how-to videos, including how to apply Plasti Dip to your car, wheels, or grille.

Need a card for an upcoming birthday or special occasion? Learn how to make your own with one of Kristina’s card-making tutorials. She studied graphic design and has even designed some stamps for crafting companies in the past, so she definitelyl knows what she’s doing!

Jason’s channel is full of fun and educational videos of science experiments, toys and projects. Watch him demonstrate a variety of scientific concepts like photovoltaics and polyacrylate water absorption to name a few!

Emma is TESOL-certified and has been an ESL teacher for several years. On YouTube, she uploads videos that teach students (and even life-long English speakers!) about everything from basic grammar to the intricate idiosyncrasies of the English language.

If you’re interested in participating or have suggestions for partners you think should be featured, you we encourage you to visit our On The Rise homepage. You can check out all of our past featured partners on the Featured Partners tab, or nominate a YouTube partner to be considered for the program on the Nominate tab. Feel free to submit nominations for your own channel, or for channels you follow that you think deserve more attention or could be the next YouTube sensation. We’ll continue to feature promising partners who drive YouTube watch time, have fewer than 100,000 subscribers, and produce engaging content on a regular basis.

Devon Storbeck and Christine Wang, YouTube Partner Support, recently watched “Don't Let Me Down - The Beatles, por Diogo Mello (1 ano e 11 meses).”