Programming tools like annotations help you drive longer watch times. Now, you have another tool in your arsenal. Looking to promote your latest video? Trying the new feature called InVideo Programming.

InVideo Programming allows you to feature a video across your entire video library. In addition to featuring videos, you can also promote your channel branding. If you change your branding in the future, you can replace it with a single update. The best part is, your InVideo Programming travels with your videos wherever Video Annotations are available.

If you are a creator in good standing, you can get started with InVideo Programming by accessing the tool in your Channel Settings. Go ahead and try the following types of InVideo Programming:
  • Launch a new show/series: Launching a new series? Use “Feature a video” to showcase a new video to drive some initial traction. 

  • Showcase an old video:
  • Have an older video that you want to promote? Go ahead and feature one of your favorite videos from your channel to drive some new viewership to that older video
  • Reinforce channel branding: Make sure your viewers are aware of your channel branding. Use “Feature your channel” to promote your logo across your library and make it easier for viewers to visit your channel page and subscribe. 
Over the coming weeks, we’ll launch reporting to give you the ability to track the performance of your InVideo Programming, and we'll make UI enhancements to help you give your viewers more context behind your promotion.

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Congrats to Richard Gale from RichardGaleFilms, which is YouTube’s “On The Rise” spotlight partner this October. Richard’s channel is featured today on the YouTube homepage, thanks to your support and his strong channel optimization efforts.

A three-time Emmy award winner, Richard has been writing, directing, and producing films and TV shows for decades. His work spans a variety of genres including documentaries, suspense thrillers, parodies and comedy, as well as horror. Richard’s most recent project, the comedic horror short film, ‘The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon,’ has received multiple film festival awards and driven his YouTube viewership as well. The short film’s legacy lives on in a YouTube mini-series about the main character, Jack, and you'll just have to check out the channel to see how the story evolves.

Here are a few words from Richard himself:
I became a YouTube partner almost by accident--as a filmmaker making shorts for film festivals, I had a 10-minute comedy about a killer with a spoon (Horribly Slow Murderer) that had completed its festival run, and I uploaded it to hopefully give it some additional exposure. To my astonishment, the short went viral, and was seen by more people in one day than in a year of film festivals. So we expanded the story into a series, and it continues to develop a dedicated following. We are extremely grateful to all of our awesome fans and supporters, who voted for our channel and continue to enjoy our films. Thank you!!!!! We've got exciting things on the horizon, so stay spooned!
If you’ve enjoyed this monthly On The Rise blog series and want to see more rising YouTube partners, check out our On The Rise channel. Keep an eye out for next month’s blog post, as your channel may be the next one On The Rise!

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On Monday, October 29th, the YouTube Partner Support team will be hosting a Partner Meet-Up in New York. The event is at capacity so if you’re not able to join us in person you can tune in at

During the meet-up, we'll be live streaming the latest episode of ‘Partner Support Talks with...’ starring Charlie Todd of ImprovEverywhere. Additionally, we’ll be broadcasting a panel with other super popular YouTubers, and you’ll have a chance to hear from our product team. You can find a schedule for the stream below:

Time Session
1:15 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. EDTPartner Supports Talks with... ImprovEverywhere
2:00 p.m. - 2:45 p.m. EDT“Cultivating Your Audience Online” with
3:00 p.m. - 4:15 p.m. EDTPresentations from YouTube Next Lab and YouTube Product Team

We want to hear from you! Throughout the stream we’ll be taking live questions from viewers around the world via comments on

We’ll also be soliciting questions in advance for our talk show with ImprovEverywhere. Want to know what inspires Charlie’s top videos? Want his advice on best practices? Submit your questions (and vote for others) here to be answered live:

Can’t tune in? Don’t worry - we'll also post the episode on after the show.

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YouTube creators are busy people. That’s why earlier this year we enabled creators to set defaults on new uploads for privacy, licensing, tags, and monetization. We also introduced an easier way to control how ads appear on your content by allowing you to set default ad settings for all newly uploaded videos.

To help you earn more money on YouTube, we’re going to be making some changes based on these default settings.

You can already easily set your ad format preferences consistently across all your new uploads.  On Nov. 9, 2012, we will  automatically enable ad format settings on your older monetized content in line with your current default ad settings. This change will only affect monetized videos uploaded before Apr. 20, 2012.

For example, if you have TrueView in-stream ads enabled as a default for your new uploads, we’ll go back and enable it on older monetized content. Conversely, if you don’t have in-video ads on by default for new uploads we won’t touch that setting on any video.

If you do not want to apply this change to your older videos, you can easily opt out.  If you use Video Manager, opt out at If you use the Content Management System for your channels, you’ll see a notification when you login with instructions. If you wish to opt out, please do so by Nov. 9, 2012. After that date, the ad settings on all of your older monetized content will change to reflect your current default settings.

This change will give you more opportunities to make money from your videos, so we encourage you to check your default settings for monetization and ad formats at

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We've started adjusting the ranking of videos in YouTube search to reward engaging videos that keep viewers watching.  This is a continuation of ongoing efforts to focus our video discovery features on watch time, and follows changes we made to Suggested Videos in March, and recent improvements to YouTube Analytics.

The experimental results of this change have proven positive -- less clicking, more watching. We expect the amount of time viewers spend watching videos from search and across the site to increase.  As with previous optimizations to our discovery features, this should benefit your channel if your videos drive more viewing time across YouTube.

Yesterday, we added new Time Watched reporting to YouTube Analytics, so now you have even more tools to evaluate the performance of your videos and channel.  So keep making great videos that your fans will love and share, and encourage them to discover more of what YouTube offers, and you’ll see your own fan base grow, too.

Understanding what your audience likes is key to building a successful YouTube channel, so we've created more tools to help you interpret the performance of your videos. Here are some improvements we’ve made to YouTube Analytics in the last few months.

Audience Engagement
Earlier this year we started focusing on the time users spend watching YouTube when we suggest videos. To give you additional insight into engagement for your videos, we’ve enhanced the “Views” report to show more time watched data.

You can see “Estimated minutes watched” from the “Views” report or choose other data options from the “Compare metric” drop-down menu.

Annotations are one of the most used features to drive audience engagement in YouTube. You can now use the beta version of Annotations report to view data on the performance of your video annotations, with insights on viewer click and close rates.

Making Analytics easier to use
Date slider is back and better than ever. Now you can quickly adjust the date range and see how your videos performed across different time periods.

You can average data across time with rolling totals for 7- and 30-day totals. Instead of seeing changes in weekend traffic and other cyclical data, rolling totals will smooth the trends to help you see overall growth without the distracting spikes and dips. 

The metadata section for your videos and channels instantly provides you with data such as lifetime views and video duration. 

The video hovercard helps you see a thumbnail of your video and basic information by simply hovering over your video link.

Compare metrics provides you with more ways to compare trends and patterns across two different metrics.

We understand the importance of having data and insights for your channel and want to continue improving our analytics to help you grow your audience. Please let us know if there are any other features you would like us to build, in the comments below.

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YouTube’s On The Rise program introduces four partners each month whose channels are growing but haven’t yet reached the 100,000 subscriber mark. Our October nominees have already established themselves strongly on YouTube, and we wanted to share their varied artistic talents with you to help them build an even stronger network of support as they work to build their YouTube presence.

One of these candidates will have the opportunity to be featured on the YouTube homepage later this month, so they need your help. Check out the videos below and vote for your favorite partner channel here. In addition to your votes, each channel will be evaluated on criteria such as viewer engagement and channel optimization techniques to decide which partner will be featured on the homepage, Google+, Facebook and Twitter at the end of the month.

In past months, featured On The Rise partners like thevfxbro and GoneToTheSnowDogs have gained many subscribers and seen their careers take off, thanks to your support. This month’s poll will be open until October 17, 5pm PT, so check these channels out and vote for your favorite, and then see which partner is featured on the homepage on October 25.

A three-time Emmy winner, Richard Gale has written and directed hundreds of cable TV programs and thriller films that received critical acclaim worldwide. His YouTube channel features videos from some of his most successful projects, including his most recent awad-winning short film, ‘The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon.’

Callie Moore was 12 when she first learned to play the guitar, and she wrote her first song that same day. In the years since, she’s continued to develop her sound and is currently recording her second full album at home with her husband. You can find samples of her music as well as vlogs on her YouTube channel.

Stay up to date on the latest hair and fashion trends with videos from Fash’s channel. She has over 100 videos on makeup reviews, outfits of the day, and highly requested hair tutorials.

David has been playing the ocarina (a flute-like instrument) since 1999. He shares his love of music through covers and original pieces on his channel and also teaches his viewers how to read sheet music for the instrument.

If you’re interested in checking out more rising YouTube Partners, visit our On The Rise channel, which features nominees, trending partners and monthly blog winners.

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In the nearly five years since we launched Content ID, it has helped everyone from large media companies to up-and-coming creators manage their content when it appears on YouTube. More than 3,000 content owners have supplied more than 500,000 hours of reference files to the system. Content ID hasn’t stood still over the last five years. We’ve been rolling out regular updates and we want to highlight three particular efforts that we think improve Content ID for everyone.

A New Appeals Process
Users have always had the ability to dispute Content ID claims on their videos if they believe those claims are invalid. Prior to today, if a content owner rejected that dispute, the user was left with no recourse for certain types of Content ID claims (e.g., monetize claims). Based upon feedback from our community, today we’re introducing an appeals process that gives eligible users a new choice when dealing with a rejected dispute. When the user files an appeal, a content owner has two options: release the claim or file a formal DMCA notification.

Smarter Detection of Unintentional Claims
Content owners have uploaded more than ten million reference files to the Content ID system. At that scale, mistakes can and do happen. To address this, we’ve improved the algorithms that identify potentially invalid claims. We stop these claims from automatically affecting user videos and place them in a queue to be manually reviewed by the content owner. This process prevents disputes that arise when content not owned by a partner inadvertently turns up in a reference file.

Smarter claim detection minimizes unintentional mistakes. Of course, we take action in rare cases of intentional misuse, up to and including terminating Content ID access.

Improved Matching Quality
At the heart of Content ID is the matching technology that identifies partners’ content among all the videos on YouTube. Earlier this year we introduced a significant improvement to how the matching happens. We continue to work on ways to make the matching more precise through better algorithms and a more comprehensive reference library.

There is still a lot of work ahead of us, but we believe that these are significant steps forward in our efforts to keep YouTube a vibrant place where the rights of both content owners and users are protected and everyone can control their original content and make money from it - money which can be put towards the production of more great content.

For now, keep on watching, upload a video or two and please, please keep the feedback coming.

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We're excited to announce that the Partner Support team will be hosting the second session in our series of Hangouts On Air with past “On The Rise” featured partners. Please join us this Wednesday, October 3, at 10am PT while we chat with Jason Munday and Alex Carpenter. Jason and Alex are both accomplished YouTube partners whose videos showcase their musical endeavors. We’ll be chatting with them about their experiences on YouTube and how they’ve grown their channels, and we'll moderate your questions for them as well!

A usual, we will be live streaming the hangout on the YouTube Partner Support channel and on Google+ at

We'll give plenty of time for Alex and Jason to share their stories and advice, but we'd love to make sure they answer your questions as well. If you have questions about either of their histories on YouTube, or want to ask their advice about how to grow your channel and audience, please submit your questions here:

We hope you can join us on Wednesday!

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